Thursday, December 31, 2009

A final thought for the year to my conservative pals...

I really doubt that the average voter, even the average Republican primary voter really cares about any candidates alleged sexuality or what the preferences are of their staffs.

Do people ask this sort of question about the folks they hire in their lives? Their mechanics, dry cleaners, people who work with them and from them at companies? No...

We have real issues and real problems to deal with and we need to find the best people to deal with them. Period.

Thank You.


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Anonymous said...

yeah one man,
i guess what we really need in decision making positions are ex black panthers, people proud of the fact that as members of the weather underground they participated in the bombings of government buildings, or the guy that thinks the american public can be nudged any way he wants, but that's ok cause he thinks dogs should have their day in court if mistreated by their owners