Sunday, January 03, 2010

Just so I understand

From the Tribune.

His victim, Jennifer Hall, was beaten so badly she lost 20 teeth and woke up in the hospital with 85 staples in her scalp. He was charged with attempted murder, robbery and assault.

But he was allowed to plead guilty to two counts of robbery. His three-year sentence on those counts -- aptly described by Hall as "a slap on the wrist for stealing a cell phone" -- was reduced by 22 months.

The guy is charged with beating a woman so badly she loses 20 teeth and ends up with 85 staples in her scalp and the dude gets to plead to two counts of robbery and gets three years?

This is wrong on so many levels, even taking the early release out of it. Three years?

If I was governor one of the first things I would do is call on the GA to start looking at criminal sentencing to make sure we had enough space to lock up the violent folks a good long time and if that means sending some non-violent fraudsters home early so be it. If it means using the prison in Thompson ourselves, so be it. If I had to raise some fees and fines (like an extra $250 on speeding tickets where you were going over 90 or something) so be it.

Also I would push for legislation that would require states attorneys annually to report on all of the pleas and deal that they cut. Including initial charges and what the person pled to...

Conservative or Liberal I think we would all agree that if you beat someone so they lose 20 teeth and that bad you need to spend more than three years in jail, a lot more.


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