Monday, January 25, 2010

Smooth Andy....

The SJ&R got a hold of the state GOP ethics report on And it does not really help with the 'I am not an insider' narrative.

From the story

“The Chairman’s office never informed the Illinois Republican State Central Committee of intent to commission this poll, nor did Andrew McKenna ever request approval to conduct this poll from the … Committee,” the report by the ethics committee of the state party said of the poll, which was done by The Tarrance Group at a cost of $28,300. “At no point before, during or after this poll was taken did the ... Committee receive disclosure from Andrew McKenna pursuant to provisions of the … Committee’s Code of Ethics concerning potential personal benefit, appearance of potential personal benefit or appearance of impropriety.”

Also some twitter props on whomever set up UNethical Andy, clever move.

Joe Birkett shares some love on Andy as well...

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