Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is why you fail....

If you are able to reduce those who disagree with you down to.. "these folks are obviously stupid" you fail. Why, because if you can't bring yourself to even try to understand the why of someone who has a different viewpoint than you do, be in politics, religion or even sports you fail at life. It is as simple as that.

In his words Olbermann offers a cautionary guide for everyone involved in politics. However it easy it may be to reduce those who disagree with you to a set of stereotypes, to say or even think it simply comes down to "We are smart and get it, they are stupid and don't" you will long term lose the argument.

Sorry Keith, a majority of voters in MA are obviously not idiot red neck tea-baggers.


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mike villwock said...

Beck and Limbaugh have been calling lefties, Dems, Progressives and Liberals dumb for years (and that cunt Coulter advocating shooting them). I suppose Keith can't be blamed for not taking the high road when the GOP noise machine plays in the mud all day long eh?