Monday, March 22, 2010

This should scare everyone a bit...

A group filed an FOIA to get the data definition of what is in a citizenship application database. That is what information they store in the database, for example first name, the size of what is stored (how many characters a name can contain), etc.

In my line of work it is called metadata and without it you really can't do a whole lot with a database. It is hard to work with a database when you don't know what's in it.

Anyway the group was told it would cost about $111,930 to get the metadata of database.

The immigration agency says the bill is based on a charge of $130.00 an hour for an estimated 861 hours of work to retrieve the information. And the agency warned that the final bill could go higher.

So it would take almost 5 man months to get the metadata (again, that's not the actual data) so it would appear we have a system to store citizenship applications and no one seems to know what is in fact in it...

Sometimes I really get why people are worried about the feds getting deeper into healthcare.


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