Thursday, May 27, 2010

If I were Pat Quinn...

Here is what I would do with the budget authority given to me.

(This is a bit like a scene from the Miami Vice movie where Tubbs pulls out a hand grenade)

This is also based in part on the idea that Quinn is going to have to run against the legislature (sort of like Truman and the "Do nothing congress")

Option One:

I am vetoing this budget, you can not walk out of this capitol and just decided to wash your hands and tie my hands in dealing with the budget situation we currently face. Conflicting actions of both houses of the legislature give me no choice but to veto this budget.

I know vetoing this budget will require votes from both parties to now pass a budget. Good.

Until the legislature provides me with a budget that works for this state, I will not campaign one day for election to this office.

They shall no longer run from their responsibilities, I will call them into special session every day if necessary.

If my veto is overridden I will then immediately petition the state supreme court to rule the budget violates the requirement that the states budget be balanced and until that court rules, I will uphold my oath of office by doing nothing to implement an unconstitutional budget"

Option 2

"Today the state legislature gave me unprecedented authority to allocate resources in this state. They did this for a simple reason, cowardice.
This state is broke, financially and politically. More concerned about getting re-elected and/or keeping a majority than about doing what needs to get done. They turned and fled. This Land of Lincoln has become a land of cowards, we have had NO leadership from the legislature, just the protection of a narrow self interest.

Enough, it stops here and it stops now. If it costs me election to this office, so be it. But you deserve better.

We have a massive deficit in this budget a deficit that has been years in the making and one so large the tricks and chicanery of the past can no longer hide it. Much like a house that's wood is rotting we can not just try and put another coat of paint on it and hope for the best.

So I am letting the legislature know that I am going to consider this budget an 8 month budget, I will spend every dime 4 months before the end of the fiscal year. So they will have two choices, increase revenues or shut down state government.

The choice is theirs

I will not back down, period, full stop

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Mr Now said...

I will vote for this guy "One Man". It sounds too simplistic. Maybe the state could sell the Illinois tollway system to the Chinese or a statewide gas tax of
.25 could be applied.