Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pat Quinn gets a campgain manager..

From Wisconsin....

Seriously, the guy seems a bit young but he could be the result of some sort of cloning experiment using DNA from Carl Rove and James Carville and he would be a bad choice. Why?

I think you need someone well versed in Illinois politics to run Quinn's campaign. Because since it is going to be a 'tough' year for Democrats in general in Illinois you are going to need someone who has the personal credibility and relationships to help prevent the 'every man for himself' or 'every branch of government for it's self' attitude that Illinois Democrats are going to have to deal with.

Quinn is a little short on friends as it is within the Democratic party and this is not going to help one iota.

If nothing else if I was the campaign I would hire either every unemployed Democratic county chair and/or their closest unemployed relative I could afford to work on the campaign.


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