Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The question I think isn't be asked enough is...

Not if the state needs to increase taxes, but why the population in Illinois seems so against it when even people in Arizona will vote to increase their sales tax rate?

Because at the end of the day I suspect most people do not trust this state with their money and until that changes there is no easy solution to our issues.

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don said...

Illinois has a smaller and smaller number of folks paying real estate taxes, and of course no one wants to pay more in state income taxes when federal taxes are hammering the average citizen.The business climate in Illinois is extremely negative in terms of taxes compared to neighboring states. Illinois government can't seem to downsize and in fact continues to hire people at a time when revenues are down and debt it up.

You get the picture? I don't know Arizona's overall fiscal picture, but I'm wagering it can't throw a shadow on the mess we have here in Illinois. Not only is the current picture murky, but the future shows absolutely no light at any point in the tunnel.

Don Griffiths
Nauvoo, IL