Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quinn's Budget Director Says Taxes going to 5%...

According to Bloomberg.

That was quite the gift to the Brady campaign.


Rob_N said...

One, Do you want publicly funded entities like the state's only facility serving deaf and blind children to close or stay open?

Bill Brady's talking points regarding the budget, to date, have made zero sense. Perhaps he relies on pixie dust and unicorns but that won't work for the state's only facility serving deaf and blind children... or for the schools of the state... or for the roads with potholes... or for countless other things that, truth be told, are fairly efficiently funded by the state (when they're funded).

That said, taken out of all this context, Vaught's remark likely will be used ad nauseum by No-Tax Bill 'minimum wage workers make too much' Brady and other GOPs across the state. (Heck, even before Vaught said it this GOP talking point was being used in robocalls and push polls in my neck of the woods.)

OneMan said...

Did I say the tax increase was/is a bad idea?

More than anything else this statement is going to be a political gift for Brady.

Rob_N said...

I thought my question was clear, but you've answered a question I didn't ask. ;)

"The statement" as it were was already out there in one form or another, as Rich Miller pointed out at CapFax yesterday, so Brady already had all the gifts he needed.

I have to admit though, I was pleasantly surprised to see Quinn rise up a bit when Brady did use "the gift" as you call it.

Quinn, as I did, pointed out the consequences -- evermore reduced funding for basic services, skyrocketing property taxes to compensate for the lack of state funding, and more.

Again, do you want publicly funded entities (like the state's only facility serving deaf and blind children) to close or stay open?