Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Responding to my commenter...

Well the first thing is no I don't want that school or any school to close.

I guess my question is how can you really call anything Brady comes up with at this point on the budget disingenuous when the state has basically decided to not live up to it's commitments.

The state has basically lied to it's schools. They said the schools were going to get X dollars on a given date and the schools operated on the assumption that the state's word was in fact good, it turns out that was a bad move on their part.

So we have a state that is months late paying money it owes the schools. It's not like the schools are asking for extra money, they just want (like the social service agencies do) their money in a reasonable amount of time.

It's one thing to tell someone they are getting less and giving them less, it's another to tell someone they are getting something and then giving it to them 6 months late.

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