Thursday, August 12, 2010

Valley Schools to get $15 Million from Feds

The Beacon has the story with Bill Fosters spin on it, but lets look at the numbers and see if this is that big of a deal.

But lets look at some of the numbers and see what they really mean

Oswego 308 $2,900,000
East Aurora $6,500,000
Yorkville $211,222

Well how many students
Oswego 15,002
Aurora 12,767
Yorkville 5,054

So new federal money per student
Oswego $193
Aurora $509
Yorkville $41

New federal money as a % of Instructional Expenditure per Student
Oswego $4,763 about 4%
Aurora $4,827 about 11%
Yorkville $4,477 so about 1%

Number of teachers the money would pay for... (taking average teacher salary x 1.5)
Oswego 32
Aurora 81
Yorkville 3

The Oswego district has 20 schools ( so a bit less than 1.5 teachers per school) the Aurora district has 16 schools (so over 4 teachers per school), Yorkville has 9 schools so about a 1/3rd of a teacher.

So it seems that Aurora East is getting a much better deal out of this than Oswego and Yorkville.

In some ways it is even worse because of Quinn's transportation cuts will impact Oswego and Yorkville more the Aurora East since the Aurora East district does not bus so it has a much lower transportation cost per student than the other two.

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