Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sometimes Things Just Sort of Fit Together...

Last night I got to see the Chicago premier of Waiting for "Superman" and they even had a question and answer session with the director afterwards. It's an interesting movie and it got me thinking about education and the good and bad teachers I have had over the years.

Then today I found out they are turning Thornridge High School into a freshman center for all of School District 205. Some of the 'better' school districts out by me have freshmen centers (usually one per campus not one for the entire district).

I attended and graduated from Thornridge High School back in the late 80s

Do I feel a little disappointed that the high school is going to be no more, yeah.

Do I hope that when this talked about the school is remembered for more than just the basketball championships, Jane Lynch, Richard Roeper and Quinn Buckner.

I hope the really great teachers who taught there are remembered.

I hope the debate championships , the drama championships, the speech championships, the group interpretation championships, the Westinghouse Science winners and more are remembered. How for a long time we had one of the very few weekly newspapers for a high school in Illinois.

Those successes were not by fluke, they were brought about by great teachers.

It was a working class high that taught working class kids and kids from poorer neighborhoods. It didn't have the fancy facilities that the schools my kids go to or the schools in Naperville have. But it got the job done because it had and we were lucky enough to have some really great teachers. Were they all great? no. But I was lucky enough to have some great ones as teachers and as coaches. As was said in the movie "Watching a great teacher, teach is like seeing a work of art" there were some amazing artists at that school.

So, if this change will lead to a better education for those going there in the future, a better preparation for life then more power to them. I hope it works, I pray it works.

Thornridge’s teachers will have to scramble for coaching posts at Thornton, Thornridge or elsewhere. The guy to feel for is Mike Morrissey, who took over football from Jasper Strong this season, seeking to turn the Falcons back into a consistent winner, as they were until the late 1980s.

I hope they win out and make the football playoffs one more time, and yes I did play football there in the late 80s

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