Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today we got phone calls

Mark Kirk was robo call #1, sharing about upcoming get out to vote rallies....

Robo call #2 was Sarah Palin encouraging me to vote for candidates who share my values, did not mention anyone by name but did say "Hello Illinois" couldn't catch who paid for it (that was said by a different voice and really fast).



Anonymous said...

Republican in Rochester New York
I received two of these postcards that encourage early voting and absentee voting my husband received nothing. I have never received so much mailing about absentee voting in all of my votine years I am 58 and these are the fourth items I have received in the past 3 weeks. I could not find but a front page concerning the group- aliance for america's future the two post cards have this in larger print " www. Check out this site it is terrific
D.R. in Rochester, NY

EveDeVinney said...

Was a Republican. Not happy with
them nor the Dems.

Both sides are so busy up-staging
one another they act like
kids in kindergarten.

We are AMERICANS. Let's get going!

Also...I received TODAY a card re
voting. Voting was yesterday. If you are going to spend money on it in time