Monday, November 08, 2010

Metra Soot...

The Tribune has a story today about soot on metra trains. The soot issue is very real (I take a train where it is bad enough to set off the smoke detectors in the bathroom in the car).

But, kids the problem when it comes down to it is not the locomotives. It's the stations. I am going to use Union Station as my specific example.

The problem kids is one of ventilation, it isn't the locomotives. You run a locomotive in a poorly ventilated area, with the train car doors open (so people can on the train) then folks are surprised there is an issue with air quality.

It would have been interesting if the Trib had tested trains at the LaSalle street station since those are diesel engines as well but it is much better ventilated.

I think the response of Amtrak (who owns Union Station) was weak...

But Metra and Amtrak officials said they have little control over ventilation systems designed to suck diesel exhaust out of Union Station's train tunnels. The giant vents and fans are supposed to be maintained by the owners of eight skyscrapers that rise above the tracks.

Well then guys, I suspect that the fans are part of their contracts that got them the air rights over the tracks, correct? If so why not deal with it that way.

Since Amtrak is a federal entity Senator Durbin, perhaps you should start there.


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