Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little more on video gaming...

One of the interesting things to come out a bit more recently is the updated technical standards for Video Gaming Terminals (which can be found here)

Page 19 has this for rules of play Section 2.2
For VGTs, the cost of one (1) playable credit shall be 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, or 25 cents, and the maximum wager played per game shall not exceed $2. The $2 dollar maximum bet limit must be ensured at all times and may not be bypassed by any extended features such as double up, double down, splits, extra credits wagered during bonus, etc.
No cash award for the maximum wager on any individual game shall exceed $500.

The bold is in the original.

One interesting thing about the max payout and the max bet is that many video poker variations pay out better than 250 to 1 for royal flushes so in some ways the max play on a machine at least for some games, may not be the best bet. Also if you are playing some sort of game that allows you to double down, the max bet of $2 may not also be the best pick for you.

I have some updated numbers on play rates and loss rates that I plan on putting in some new spreadsheets shortly.

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