Thursday, March 03, 2011

Consolidating School Districts...

It's an interesting idea for smaller districts but the logistical issues would be a nightmare on a large scale.

For example..

  • The two districts have different tax rates, which one do you use? Can you impose a tax rate on a district that did not vote for it in referendum?
  • How do you resolve any seniority issues between teachers?
  • What if you unify two districts that teach at different levels (for example a Cook County HS district and a Cook County elementary district) then what do you do with tax rates? Do you keep both rates?
  • One district is paying off a bond, the other district isn't do all the taxpayers in the newly formed district now pay off the bond?
  • What about districts with Special Service Areas (areas that pay extra school taxes to retire bonds) will the SSA stay intact if the newly formed district ends up having kids outside the SSA attend the school funded by the SSA?
There are more questions...


Alex said...

How about eliminating the Regional Boards? All they do is certification and boundary disputes. The local Districts can certify teachers and a 3 person panel from the State can do the Boundary settlements.

Anonymous said...

My favorite was trying to sneak a bill through last Thursday to just jam this through. Like Chicagos parking meters. That worked out great. Just another lame attempt to make it appear as if liberals are doing something for the good of the state. With our financial problems saving a 100 million is chump change. Time to take a serious look at reform starting with spending.