Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sometimes They Get It Right...

Congratulations to the Aurora City Council for getting one right tonight, after initially not getting enough votes to approve the proposed specialty poultry butcher shop in town.

Yes, the butcher shop would kill and process poultry on site in town. After intelligent arguments from the guy who owns the building (it is an industrial site in the city) about how his American manufacturing business will be helped by the additional capital as well as an argument from the head of the Hispanic Chamber of how it will help all businesses in town.

So our two Alderman At Large changed their votes, one even said he got 12 phone calls about the issue and the other one talked about he used to chase chickens around the yard in the 70's.

So for a change the City Council did not try to social engineer our business environment. However I suspect if you want to sell fancy clothes (quinceanera dresses), SR-22 compliant insurance, tattoos or haircuts downtown you are still more than welcome to do so without narry a word from the city.

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