Sunday, June 12, 2011

So who is going to run in the 11th...

Some early handicapping on who might run for the 'open' seat in the 11th congressional district in Illinois.

Who John Laesch
Odds 1/3
Ran for the seat before and almost beat Foster in the primary the last time around, with his wife has built a bit of a base within the local party.

Who Jenifer Laesch
Odds 1/4
State Central Committeeman and wife of John, she also served briefly on the Kane County board. One of the Laeschs are going to run. Part of me thinks it will be her.

Who Bill Foster
Odds Even Money or better
Former congressman in the 14th, does not live in the 11th but said he would run where ever Aurora falls (the 11th) has picked up an early endorsement from Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner. Has released some early poling showing him having better name recondition that John Atkinson. Last time Foster ran he put a large amount of his own money early into the race to try and keep folks out (it worked), has not announced such a move yet and his last FEC statement showed some significant campaign debt (likely to himself). It will be interesting to see if he makes a big early personal money move again.

Who John Atkinson
Odds 2/3
Had looked like he was going to run against Lipinski in a primary but the redistricting has put him in the 11th (you don't have to run where you live, just ask Foster). Has been described as a "Wealthy Businessman" not sure how wealthy, but might be able to put more into the race than Foster. Also since the 11th is an open seat it would seem to be a smarter move gain going against Lipinski. If he gets in the race, it gets much harder for Foster.

More to come

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