Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Thoughts on Gaming Regulation In Illinois.

Considering his comments to the news media about the gambling expansion bill as well his comments about video poker I think I have figured out Aaron Jaffe's issue with gaming in this state.

I don't think he like to be told what to do, having been a legislator and a judge he was used to telling others what to do and now he is being told what to do via legislation and he does not like it one bit. Between the complaints about political donations by gaming interests (what industry that is regulated by government does not give to candidates and parties?) but for some reason there is an issue with the gaming folks doing it, no problem with the alcohol distributors giving, the tobacco folks giving money, but that gaming money is ruining the whole process.

Would be interesting to see who gave to him when he was a candidate? Did he ever get any money from horse racing interests? Can't seem to find him on the electronic system at the board of elections. Would be a good question for a reporter to ask him if you ask me.

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