Sunday, July 24, 2011

So The Trib Discovers Gaming and Gambling Interests Give to Politicians...

Along with folks in just about ever other regulated industry ...

The Trib reported that over the past 10 years about 10 million has been given by gaming interests including casino folks, racing interests and video poker interests..

Ummm, so what...

That unnerves Aaron Jaffe, the state's top gambling regulator, who says it's time that Illinois follows the lead of six other gambling states that don't allow political contributions from certain gambling interests.

"We should ban it," said Jaffe, chairman of the Illinois Gaming Board. "My job is to protect the public interest, and I would hope that legislators know that is their responsibility, too."

Jaffe, a former Democratic lawmaker and judge, said so much money entering the political process gives the industry outsize influence on rules and regulations.

Besides for the fact that I think that Jaffe may be one of the first regulators in the history of the state who seems to dislike the industry he regulates. It begs a bigger question. Is there any industry that is regulated by the state that has 'outsize' influence on rules and regulations concerning that industry? Be it liquor distribution, race tracks, health care, etc. I would argue that each of those industries has an 'outsize' influence on their own regulation, it's the nature of state regulation and any regulated industry.

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