Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kane County Cares About Charging Stations

The Beacon has the story Here is the reason they are giving...
There are two purposes for this, according to members of the Kane County electric vehicle ordinance working group, which met Monday. One is that information needs to be accessible to the public so that they know where they can charge their vehicles. That information also needs to be documented by the utility companies, so they can account for the increased use on their generators.
Really, so ComEd knows where additional power draws are going to come from? Does the county do this with anything else that might draw power, I highly doubt it? Do you think ComEd depends on counties to identify power draws? Doubt it For some reason however the county feels it needs to know about charging stations.... My guess, tax purposes, looking forward to the charging station tax or the power tax for charging stations to replace lost gas taxes. OneMan

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