Sunday, October 02, 2011

So here is a question gang...

If you are running for a higher office (state rep) and have a social media presence do you engage with people from your own party who have a question about a position you took in your current office (Alderman)? Aurora recently voted to charge people a 'booking fee' when they are arrested and booked to help cover the costs of that process, the thing is you are still charged (and owe) the fee if it turns out if you are found not guilty. Not sure what happens if they book you and then find out you are not the Bill Smith they are looking for. A local Democrat asked the Alderman about this on Facebook and it seems the question was removed and the local Democrat says she was blocked by the same candidate. So if you are a candidate in a run for a smaller office (it isn't governor) should you avoid questions on facebook, is it smart politics? OneMan

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