Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Quick Thought...

On the whole Limbaugh thing... Abhorrent... A conversation about the First Amendment and where the that boundary is both ways (the church in state and the state in church) is a conversation that is worth having... The role of government in mandating what insurance should and shouldn't provide and the impacts of those mandates is a conversation that is worth having... Calling a woman names because she has a different view on those issues, is not a conversation worth having. It is abhorrent, plain and simple, it is abhorrent. Failing to strongly denounce those who feel the urge to call those who disagree with you names like that is just as bad. We are better than that. It is fine, good and worth while to defend your positions, to point out the fallacies and issues of the positions of those who disagree with you. To take those who disagree with you a judge them using the lowest common denominator found on the middle school playground is not discussion or discourse, it is simply trying to reduce them as something 'less' in order to make your point. It is a sign in insecurity and panic, not a sign of strength. It is a position of weakness coming from a place of weakness. To the Republican Party, if you continue to let these voices be the defining voices of the party we are going to be in real trouble. The angry, the hateful, the demeaning; we run a very real risk of losing generations of support. The role and level of business in the lives of people is a conversation worth having, but trying to have that discussion by just calling people names isn't. Do you want to lose generations of fiscal, small government conservatives because they are getting tired of trying to defend the desire of the party to apply it's own social engineering to society and it's morals? If you are, keep it up. Because that is what is going to happen. OneMan

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