Sunday, April 08, 2012

Google Glass, Daniel Suarez And The Next Step In Political Technology

So watching the demo of Google Glass (the reality enhanced eyeglasses) started me thinking about two different things. One was Daniel Suarez's Freedom(tm) where technology like this plays a major role in the plot. The books in the series are good read even if Freedom takes a bit of a hard turn left IMHO.

In Freedom(tm) it is really the ability to overlay data vs. interacting with others that got me thinking about Google Glass and politics.  As campaign technology has moved down the political food chain (more tech in more campaigns) I think Google Glass (or related technologies) using private data stores is going to play a bigger and bigger role in campaigns.  Imagine a candidate going door to door, putting the glasses on between houses and getting a quick brief on the next house they are visiting.

Even just using public data a candidate in seconds would be able to have so much more than the classic walk list in their hands, they could have property tax information, even Facebook and twitter feeds (or best guesses on the same).  Using data mining techniques on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (or any location tagged photo service) the ability to understand issues facing neighborhoods and even individual residents is getting more and more within reach.  The ability to know about people, neighborhoods and the location specific interests and concerns is going to get easier and easier over time. A lot of this information exists, the problem is you have to go to a ton of sources and/or pay a large amount of money for it.

The challenge in part as been getting this information into the hands of those who need it quickly with a simple interface.  Walking a neighborhood,  you can't spend time looking at your smartphone between houses. However you would be able to keep walking and get the data.  Imagine what that might start to do with campaigns.


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