Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Just Hard For Me To Get That Angry...

When I see the posts on Facebook from my liberal friends (yes I have those) and my conservative friends about the same issue both speak with a lot of passion and at times anger.

I guess I just don't feel the anger, perhaps it is the fact that things are going well in my life in my opinion or perhaps I don't feel the 'big' issues that everyone seems so upset about really are that big of issues to me. Yeah I know 'to me' is short sighted and petty, but it is what it is.  I have much stronger concerns about my school district and my state then I do about social issues.  I know these issues are very important to some people, they just are not that important to me.

I have a friend who spends all day on twitter complaining about Republicans, on a good day literally over a dozen posts complaining about Republicans this, Republicans that.  Yeah, it's her time and if she wants to spend it that way she can, but why?  Really, it isn't her job, who has the cycles or wants to spend the cycles complaining that much.

I don't...

So you are not going to see national stuff from me, figure there is enough of that right now.


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