Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Kifowit Video...

Well it made it to CapitolFax so I guess it has gone 'mainstream' so to speak.  For those who have not seen it here it is.

Asked about the tax increase she did not seem to have an answer that she wanted to share with the person with the camera.  Not sure where the 'private' thing was coming from since it looked like she was in someones front yard.  Not a textbook example of how to deal with someone with a camera asking you questions during a campaign.

I have known Stephanie for a few years now and never really had an 'issue' with her, it has been interesting how the relationship with the Mayor has changed over the years, but that is true of most Alderman in Aurora.  I also know she has read this blog from time to time.  One of candidates she beat in the primary is also a friend of mine but like I said, I don't have any issues with her.

That all being said, how she feels about the tax increase is a legitimate question.

Does she support the tax increase?  How would she vote on a repeal and would she change her vote based off of pressure from the speaker?  Thanks to the Tribune's coverage of Madigan's involvement in her primary

They are legitimate questions, questions that deserve answers.  Stephanie, it may not be in your interests to answer the questions, but they deserve answers, also we are going to hold you to those answers.


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