Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Senate Candidate From MO...

Well it appears he is going to stay on the ticket.

Been thinking about this all day and I have it narrowed down to a few different options, none of them very good.

I am not buying the 'I misspoke' line misspeaking is saying is saying the moon is 20,000 kilometers away, saying the moon is made of green cheese  is not misspeaking.  He basically said the moon is made of green cheese.

He truly believed what he said was biologically correct.
If so he is an idiot and should be kept away from the ability to filibuster government action in the US Senate and government in general.  Yes I know personally that elected officials are not the always the brightest bulb in the package but this is beyond dumb, this is dangerously stupid.  I know the Constitution does not allow for some sort of basic intelegence test, but nothing says we can't amend the Constitution.

He was trying to nuance his way around his 'no exceptions' view to make the idea of exceptions a corner case.
Not sure if this was him rationalizing his views by having/stating that at least one of the exceptions never happens.  Lets assume for a second he didn't believe the  biological nonsense he was spewing, but started spewing it to make the 'no exceptions' view seem reasonable.  If so he was BSing in order to avoid stating his position at it is.  In some ways this is worse than the he is an idiot option, because he is too wimpy to stand up for his views.

It's how he rationalized his 'no exceptions' view
He heard this once, figured it was BS but it is how he justifies his 'no exceptions' view in his own mind.  We are willing to accept all sorts of things we suspect or even know are not true if they jibe and agree with our worldview.

Not sure if we will ever know which of these if any of them it is.  But regardless I think the man should be kept away from the US Senate

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