Monday, September 24, 2012

Sign Not Of The Times In Aurora...

Well Matt Harrington appears to be planning to run for alderman of the 9th ward (he tried to run for Alderman at Large last time around but ended up not getting on the ballot) and has quite the yard sign up.  A 28 sq foot sign, which has caused the city to take notice since the city has a 6 sq ft limit on political signs. I drive by the location of the sign twice a week taking my son to football and it has been up for a little while

The story in the Beacon is here..

The story goes on about a free speech argument and I suspect that argument has been made before about these sort of ordinances and I would suspect this is settled law  (but whatever, I am not an attorney)...

But the more interesting question from my perspective is, is he actually a candidate? It does not appear his committee is active, Also if I read the reports right, it looks like it never spent or raised a dime, emphasis on if I read the reports right.

Yeah I don't doubt he plans to run, but he could not have requested petitions yet, nor could he have circulated them yet, nor could he have filed with the election commission to run. So is it a political sign if the person on it is not, technically at least in my opinion, a candidate.

I can say I want to run for mayor (I don't btw), I can even get signs printed, but this far out from the election and filing deadline could I be a candidate?

So is this sign really a political sign?   That's the interesting question IMHO....

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