Sunday, September 30, 2012

When A Trib Editorial References You By Name And The Title Has The Word Lies in it...

It isn't a positive thing.

Candidate Stephanie Kifowit's campaign has gotten some notice from the Tribune again, this time about a mailer...

One mailer sent to voters of the 84th House District claims Republican Patricia Fee "may cause sudden loss" to the two federal entitlement programs. The flier features Democrat Stephanie Kifowit smiling at a senior citizen, and says Kifowit will "protect the benefits senior citizens have earned."
Did you catch that? Pause, because this is important: These are candidates for the Illinois Legislature. They have absolutely nothing to do with Social Security and Medicare. How often do state House members vote on Social Security and Medicare? Never.
Wow... I never knew Pat Fee has such power, it is sort of like that whole NBC Show Revolution. Pat Fee got elected and the next day Medicare ended, only Stephanie and her brave band can prevent this from happening. Come on, give me a break.

I know the record of the Democrats in Springfield isn't something you can really run on this time, but what is next. Elect Pat Fee and a dingo is going to come and take your car away. From what I understand the hard D's in the area are getting a lot of mail from her (like every couple of days) which seems like a bit of overkill, but hey it isn't my money.

But Stephanie, I would rather you focus on the stuff that Springfield actually controls (like how Oswego 308 is taking a big hit on bus funding) than stuff you will have nothing to do about. I suspect your consultants and the folks from the house Democrats will disagree but offering plans to parents on that stuff is going to be more effective than scaring grandma with BS.


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