Wednesday, October 03, 2012

One Day $547,217.78

Curious how much money went into and was moved around by campaign committees yesterday?  Well doing a search on the Board Of Elections web site, you can find out, it turns out it was $547,217.78 via 127 actions.

Well Monday the 1st was even a bigger day with $807,314.62

But lets focus on yesterday for right now...  All these numbers come from the state board of elections, doing my best here, but there could be issues with my data or my method...

There were 127 reportable donations, transfers, in-kinds, etc... Of these 75 were listed as 'Individual Contribution' , of these 12 came from outside of Illinois, the top 5 recipents were

          Committee                                      Donations     Amt

  • Democratic Party of Illinois                7 65,000
  • For the Good of Illinois PAC                5 25,000
  • Personal PAC Inc                                8 22,100
  • William Davis for State Representative     5 11,500
  • Friends for Larry Walsh Jr                2 11,000

The download option of the Board Of Elections site gives me some options, so more on this to come.

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