Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lets Look At Some Aurora & Kane Numbers aka Yard Signs Don't Vote

Lets use two contested Kane County races just in the city

For Coroner

For Recorder


You will see about  .5% difference between the two, the difference is that I saw litterally dozens of Martinez signs in town, don't think I saw one for Rodgers, I can find committees for both ( well I can find one for Rodgers but it appears to be for Alderman in Elgin) Rodgers had $47 on hand in her quarterly (if I am reading this right)

Mr. Martinez's committee got 32K in A-1 report money

Lets look at the county numbers (likely exclude Aurora, not 100% sure)

Rodgers   55,001
Martinez  55,209

So, what is the lesson here, not 100% but it may be simply there are hard decks more or less for each party
So when it comes down to for less than 250 more votes than a candidate who may not have spent a dime an candidate who raised (not sure about the spending) 30K plus...

A friend summarized it best... Yard Signs Don't Vote

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