Monday, November 26, 2012

This Is Going To Be An Interesting Primary in Aurora...


Well the Township Democrats decided to have a primary, so within the township (only part of Aurora) there will be a primary race in a major portion of the city (that part in Kane County),  but only some of the  aldermatic races within the city are going to have to go to a primary (non-partisan primaries btw) so turnout in those areas of the township (within the City of Aurora) will likely be higher than in other parts of the city since aldermatic races will likely attract more attention than the township primary in some parts of the city.

But unless you have 5 aldermatic candidates, right now only one or two aldermatic races are looking at those sort of numbers and one of them is mostly out of Aurora Township there will be not be a primary for alderman in most ward.

If there 5 candidates for mayor then all bets are off, the entire city will have non-partisan primaries. Right now it looks like no one is going to run against the mayor so the odds are slim on that one.

So lets say you are running in the Township Democratic primary and need turnout from the entire city, what could you do?

Well, it appears that the 5 candidate requirement to force a mayoral (or aldermatic) primary includes write-in candidates, so you could just get 4 pals to file as write-in candidates to force the mayors race on the partisan and non-partisan ballots. On the same token if you wanted to potentially increase turnout in one part of the city portion of the township you could do the same thing in a given ward.

Not sure if anyone is going to feel the need to be that clever, will be interesting as heck if they do.

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