Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Bit More Video Poker Math

It appears the top location for video poker last month was a Road Ranger in Springfield with $1,115,149 bet across 5 machines, with $239,727 actually put into the machines.

That works out to about $1,546.62 per day per machine placed into the machine. Assuming Road Ranger is open 24 x 7 that works out to about $64.44 per machine per hour, since machines are still being added each month it is hard to tell what the average per day per machine is overall in the state.

Once the IGB settles on a reporting format (it has changed over time), we should be able to figure out once a location has been on-line for a full reporting month, then start looking for when locations begin to appear to impact each others revenue, by looking at a decline at a location and seeing if a location opened near by.

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