Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stop Giving Bruce Rauner Free Media...

Dear Congressman Schock, the more you blame Rauner for the ads, the more free media you are giving him and the bigger favor you are doing for a guy with zero name recognition.. 

 Heck, even if he is behind the  ads you are giving him a extra shot for his money by bringing him up, helping him establish creed as an anti-tax guy.   Just ignore him, it is the best way you can spend your time and make him spend his money.

Also the talking points your dudes bring up are weak, so what if his wife gave to some group.  Don't lump him in with that, when you do you end up doing the following...

  • Bring up the fact you are not married, married dudes know sometimes wives and husbands feel different about things.  I makes you seem out of touch to suburban dads.
  • It makes it seem like you are going after his wife, she isn't running for jack and it seems a cheep hit.
  • You give him the opportunity to talk a little bi-partisan, "Heck I understand Democrats, I live with one"
  • It also seems to indicate your opo research is weak, the best you have is something I can find on the FEC website in 20 minutes, please.
Again don't forget, you have a name, people don't know him for jack.  Don't give him name recognition for free.

Also I would suggest not bringing up any donations to Rahm, doubt there are very many folks in finance/trading/funds in Chicago who didn't give to Rahm.

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