Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Video Poker In December

It appears the top location for video poker last month was a Road Ranger in Springfield with $1,115,149 bet across 5 machines, with $239,727 actually put into the machines.

Assuming the machines were up all month (an assumption), they were running for a total of 155 machine days, or about $1,546.63 was placed in the machines per day.  The state share for the 5 machines was $20,529 for the site or 4,105.80 per machine, the municipality share per machine was $821.

If you recall Aurora felt they could net $550,000 a year from the machines, so using the best machines in the state (most likely), lets make the numbers a little easier, lets say $10,000 local per machine, per year. You would need 55 machines or 11 venues, hitting the same number as the best machines in the state.

I suspect that is doable, once we are done on the ramp up, (also will have a machine closer to aurora up for a full month) these numbers for Aurora should be a little more accurate

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