Monday, February 25, 2013

Software Companies Are Not The Answer

During the first 4th ward candidate night more than one candidate brought up the idea of bringing software companies to downtown Aurora (because there is one).

Having worked for a software company for almost 8 years and having worked in tech for over 20 now, I have to say that software companies are not the answer.


First and foremost, no one is gong to locate a software company someplace without real public transportation options if the only parking to speak of requires someone to pay for it.  Be it a parking garage or a meter, pure a simple (I would argue that is true in general, not just for a software company). There is not enough free parking downtown for a software company, pure and simple.

But wait, OneMan what about a small and nimble company.  Well those entities generally let their folks work from home (or wherever) so the economic advantage of people downtown kind of goes out the window.

But lets say you solve the parking issue and have 100 computer professionals working downtown.  That's nice, but what is the economic impact?  They are not going to buy computers in town, sorry that stuff in purchased from CDW or via the internet, not from Bob's Data Bunker. So at best you can hope the eat lunch outside the office.  So you get the economic impact of some percentage of 100 people eating in downtown.

Not the answer IMHO, sorry

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