Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The 4Th Ward and At Large Candidate Forum..

Well it has been more than 24 hours so I wanted to write some thoughts after I let everything settle in.

Generally I was impressed with the candidates running, I do have a few suggestions for the candidates.

Chuck Norris

  • You don't have to answer virtually every question by mentioning you are a mailman and a police officer.
  • Not sure if feedback from folks on your route is something you want to keep mentioning, gives the impression you spend a lot of time chatting with folks while you are delivering the mail
Mavis Bates
  • We get it, you think small businesses are the answer. It was in every answer you gave but one. 
  • Seriously if every time you mentioned small businesses the audience had to drink, no one could have driven home for a while.
Kevin Matthews
  • Have to say, I was impressed with his grasp of all sorts of numbers and statistics.
  • However, lay off the Homeland Security thing, not sure if it is relevant and seems a bit out of place.

Alderman At Large

Well, I get to vote for this one so I have a bit of a different perspective.

I worked to try and get Bob O'Connor elected when he ran for state rep and even had my name on a letter or something that appeared in the Beacon (I also think it was on a mailer) that endorsed him.  But, sorry Bob your defense of the fact so much stuff on city counsel is 11-1 or unanimous fell flat.  Also it seems as if you feel those who have questions about economic development in the city are somehow Anti-Aurora falls flat.  

Bob is a nice guy, don't doubt that but I think he is afraid of hurting anyone's feelings at times.

Don't always agree with Rick by any stretch, but it seems sometimes he is the only one asking questions and he gets a lot of flack for that. Having seen the city in action now for 18 years, we need more people asking questions.

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