Friday, March 01, 2013

Carol Is Mostly Right, But Also A Bit Wrong...

Carol Marin has a column about the latest developments in the attempt to oust Pat Brady as Republican Party Chairman, I suggest you read the column here.  She does seem to get past the it is just about Brady's calls on same sex marriage.

Besides the fact if you are going to oust a party chairman now is sort of the time to do it (between elections). Brady makes a claim that see seems to not challenge very much.

No, Oberweis’ beef with Brady is for taking sides in some contested Republican primaries.
“There is no rule that you can’t get involved in a primary,” said Brady by phone. “Our goal is to get our party elected.”
What I think Carol is failing to understand is Kane County, when Brady got behind a specific candidate in the primary for Kane County Board Chairman he demonstrated a couple of things.

 First: A complete misunderstanding of Kane County Republican politics. By not just supporting Burns but by taking a role in his campaign, he went from trying to stop Chris Lauzen behind the scenes (which wouldn't have surprised anyone) to going active and very public in doing so.  Also besides the ABC (Anyone But Chris) crowd, there seemed to be nobody who thought Burns was the answer.  Heck by the time the primary came around I think I could have gotten as many votes in the primary as Burns did.

To draw a sports example, it was like betting everything on the Cubs winning the world series last year and making that bet after the all-star break and not getting any odds on the bet.

So in doing this (leading the ABC brigade in some ways) he ended up getting nothing in return besides ensuring wholesale turnover in the Kane County party leadership.

But you may think, it is only Kane County. Yep that is true however if he did such a bad job Reading the tea leaves in Kane County where he lives, do you want him trying to look at the bigger picture?

Secondly:  Well Pat, there is sort of is a rule that you don't get involved in contested primaries. That is why to the best of my knowledge we don't generally 'slate' candidates as a party. We let our voters decide, right or wrong.  As part of party leadership you work to get Republican candidates elected, you don't work publicly to get specific candidates past primaries.  Why, because it gives the impression that you are trying to slate candidates (which in essence you are) and damages those candidates who get win primaries who don't appear to have your favor. The fact you can't seem to get this is a problem as well.

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Anonymous said...

Pat Brady showed even worse judgement previously. Pat Brady was the man who talked Bill Brady into diverting his staffers in order to shore up Mark Kirk's vote by keeping randy Stufflebeam off the ballot! They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and Bill Brady diverted full time staffers to the effort. Instead of developing a election day ground plan he frittered way time helping another candidate, all under Pat Brady's direction. That decision cost Bill Brady the election.