Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bruce Rauner Social Liberal..

Via CapFax who got get from Bernie

The word later from Chip Englander, manager of Rauner’s exploratory effort: “Like (former Gov.) Jim Edgar and (U.S. Sen.) Mark Kirk, he is pro-choice.”
 Rich also has a link to something from years ago where Rauner referred to himself as a 'social liberal'. Rich then asks if a 'social liberal' can win a Republican primary...

Going in a bit of a different direction, how basically this is a good tactical move on his part (assuming he is stating his actual position)


Well, based off what I have seen from some of the leading social conservative Illinois Republican conservatives that I follow on Facebook, they were not that enamored with him to say the least anyone. Be it his or his wife's past political donations or whatever, the social conservatives were never going to embrace him because he hasn't really been out front in any way shape or form on their issues. So why not just get it over with, it was going to come up sooner or later and why not take this position while they are still trying to either pick a candidate or draft one.

So why bother trying to reach to a group that I am guessing you don't agree with (I doubt if he was secretly a pro-lifer he would come out pro-choice, that is a guess on my part, but I would argue a logical one)?  Instead just state your position early on and move on.  It's gonna piss people off, but it is better to piss people off almost a year before and election than a week or two before. Also tactically is sends a message to anyone else who was going to run in the primary that there is a pro-choice candidate who has raised some money and may spend a ton of his own.

Smart move Bruce, smart move...


allenskillicorn said...

Maybe Repunlicans are tired of losers like Bill Brady?

Home School Dad said...

He just announced today. If he wins the nomination or any pro choice candidate does I will vote for the democrat in absence of a pro-life candidate. Tired of getting played around with by Republicans.

Home School Dad said...

He just announced. If he wins the nomination or any pro-choice candidate does I will vote for the Democrat. The Republicans have played around with the Pro Life vote for too long. I am not going to vote for anymore pro-choice Republicans.