Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Well It Looks Like IFI Is Going To Be Protesting Near My House

This week it is Stephanie Kifowit's turn. The IFI is going to be protesting outside Stephanie Kifowit's office in Aurora.

So a few suggestions for the protesters and counter protesters since you are going to be in the hood...

If the Taco truck is open at 5th and Farnsworth in the church parking lot (just north of the protest location), I highly, highly recommend it.  There is a Mexican restaurant in the strip mall her office is in, not bad, but I would suggest 
There was/still may be a pie place in the strip mall, they are meat pies, not pie, pies.  Have had a bit of one once, not bad, but still wish it was pie, pie.
There is also a Subway, but come on, you are in Aurora, you can do better than Subway.

While You Are In The Hood...
The Growing Place, it is a garden center that has a location just up the road from the protest location. I can say they know there stuff, so if you need some plants, swing on by.

West on Montgomery Road a bit there is a bowling alley that has video poker, so if you are into that sort of thing there is that.

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