Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wouldn't You Make A Call To Try And Help Your Kid Get Into A Better School?

The Sun Times has another story about Bruce Rauner calling CPS about getting his kid into Walter Payton Prep...

I mean, wouldn't you call to try and get your kid into the best school possible, if you were someone who had influence (please note, not an elected official) wouldn't you do the same thing?  It actually seems to me to be by far the most logical and understandable use of influence, period. If you have influence wouldn't you try to use it for your kid.


Anonymous said...

Really, you try to justify this type of use of clout???? What about the more deserving student who was bumped by this type of cloutsmanship???? He should have advised his daughter to work harder and reapply when she earned her way in. How can you attempt to justify this? This guy wants to be governor and he would pull this type of underhanded deal......maybe that does qualify him in Illinois!!!

OneMan said...

Well, you are really not going to like this but, yeah I sort of am.


Well there was never an allegation that he offered anyone anything in consideration for getting help.

When it comes down to it, I have to ask myself the question would I have done the same thing? The answer is yes....

I guess I am missing the underhanded deal part of this, he made a phone call, he didn't offer someone cash, he didn't offer someone a job. He made a phone call. Heck,

You know, you might be the bigger person and say "Well I would never do such a thing" and good for you. But I think most people would, to be honest with you.

So using your example all of those folks in the legislature who made calls and sent letters on behalf of folks who were trying to get into the U of I and other schools should also not be in office. I would guess that you would feel their transgression was obviously much worse since they were elected officials and not private citizens, right?