Friday, January 10, 2014

Is Bruce Rauner Toast?

But the last week didn't do him any favors.  Besides for setting up the whole flip-flop thing, (in some ways worse than his apparent initial stand on the minimum wage), it kind of showed he isn't ready for prime time yet.  Not being ready for prime time the first full week of January is recoverable, but it would have been better if he was learning these lessons in December or October than now.

It wasn't like there wasn't going to be a ton of material that folks were going to use against Bruce and a list of folks who were more than willing to use it (virtually every union that covers a single public employee in Illinois), this doesn't help Bruce in the General but in general I don't know if it hurts him in the primary much.

The more interesting question is if the attacks he is going to take from the union groups on this and other issues will help the narrative that Bruce is going to have about how it is public employee unions against the rest of the state and if that narrative is going to work.

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corpman said...

Rauner is just going to drown everyone else in money. No one is going to remember this inside baseball.