Monday, February 03, 2014

Bruce Rauner Telephone Town Hall...

Got a call to participate in a Bruce Rauner telephone town hall today.  Have to say he didn't do that bad.

First question was about pensions and wasn't exactly in sync with Bruce's view..

He said he didn't want to do anything to folks who have a single modest pension and only change things for most state workers going forward with a defined contribution plan.

Follow-up question I would have asked.
Would have been curious how he defined 'modest pension' and if he thought those who were moved into a defined contribution plan should be allowed or required to participate in Social Security

He then talked about term limits,

Said they had 270,000 signatures...

Then someone asked a rather pro-gun viewpoint gun control question.

Bruce said Illinois was out of step with most of the rest of the nation and others seemed to be blaming gun owners for crime.

One questioner was going to ask if Bruce was a Tea-Party guy, but said based of off Bruce's earlier answers he was one.

Bruce said he didn't use labels, but then referred to himself as a 'passionate patriot'.

Question about what to do about illegal immigration and how they were taking jobs from teenagers.

Talked about making legal immigration easier.

The question I had they never got to (they never get to my questions on these things)
How are you going to make this stuff happen when you have to work with three branches of government?  In the business world when you own a company you can say something and it happens, government does not work that way.  How would he manage that process.

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