Monday, February 17, 2014

Dillard's Bigger Challenge....

At the end of the day, who is he? On the one hand he has tossed out some real conservative doozies like the 'marketplace' should decide the minimum wage (which to me implies no minimum wage at all). His statement about putting a 'first family' back into the Governors Mansion and there are other examples... Yet on the other hand he got an endorsement of the IEA (nothing wrong with that, I have known other Repbulican candidates who have gotten that), but for one thing does ANYONE really think the IEA is going to endorse (and spend money on) any Republican running against Pat Quinn? Anyone? So at best when it comes down to it, is a move to try and avoid the IEA nightmare and general public employee union nightmare that is Bruce Rauner. There is a portion of the GOP electorate that is going to reject Dillard out of hand now that he has that IEA endorsement, I guess the thought is with Rutherford more or less toast, that his folks are going to go Dillard. Well as someone who has given money to Rutherford I can tell you that isn't happening. Might have happened with 'old' Dillard (still regret not voting for him last time), but now I am not too sure who Dillard is (well besides Jim Edgar's former Chief of Staff). It isn't the IEA endorsement that causes me concern, as much as it doesn't seem to mesh with a guy who is supposed to be as conservative as he seems to want to present himself as now. I know some good, strong social conservatives who are supporting Dillard. More power to them, don't agree with them on everything but they tend to be consistent. Not sure why Dillard is more appealing to them than Brady this time, but again social issues really are not my yardstick. But the question remains, the IEA isn't a social conservative group by any stretch, so why endorse him?

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