Saturday, February 01, 2014

Only In Aurora....

One thing that strikes me as unique/interesting about the city I have lived in for the last 20 years or so it the prevalence of private (generally neighborhood based but not always) clubs. There is the Turners (who I have heard of in other places), The Phoenix Club (just heard of them in the last couple of days), The Tiger Club and 3rd Ward club and at least if the Yahoo city guide is right a good 5 others.

Have always kind of wondered about these clubs, have been to a couple of the vets clubs in town and a club that isn't around anymore.

One of them made the news recently and illustrated in part what is wrong with our local newspaper...

The Phoenix Club had a raffle that ended up with $210,000 prize...

Here is the paragraph that screams pure Aurora

The Queen of Hearts is a progressive game with the payout getting bigger each week the big prize does not go out. The problem was that city ordinance forbids not for profit clubs from jackpots that exceed $100,000. Aurora spokesman Clayton Muhammad said that when the city, which controls licensing on all fraternal social clubs, found out the prize had more than doubled, officials were forced to negotiate with the Phoenix Club to draw a winner on Friday, and ordered the club to donate a minimum of $20,000 to Fox Valley United Way.
Ok, maybe it is me but if they were in violation of the ordinance (and not saying they were) is the proper response for the city to order them to give at least $20,000 to Fox Valley United Way?  If they are in violation, I suspect there are specific remedies (fines, etc) that are set out in the relevant ordinance. Why not take advantage of those.

Also it is Fox Valley United Way, not Aurora United Way if you go to their annual report you will see that they have partner agencies not just in Aurora but also in Plano, Yorkville, Sugar Grove,  Sandwich, St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva and Oswego.. Nothing at all wrong with that but shouldn't a donation that is ordered to be given by the City of Aurora go to an entity that just serves the residents of The City Of Aurora?

If Oswego had done this, I would not have expected them to give money to some entity that served both Aurora and Oswego..

The problem is, none of these were questions it seemed the local paper felt needed to be asked or if they did they didn't bother to share.  

Now what would be nice to see would be a follow up story where FOIA requests had been filed and the process that led to the city to order a private club to make a charitable donation would  be explained.

Not holding my breath...

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