Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why I am Not Surprised Oswego 308 Voted Against Joining The STEM Project at Aurora U...

Some quick background, they are developing a STEM magnet type school at Aurora U in Aurora and the Oswego 308 was one of the districts invited to participate by sending students and teachers (along with East Aurora, West Aurora and Indian Prairie 204)...

The Oswego 308 school board voted unanimously (well one member abstained due to relationships with another district involved and Aurora U) to take a pass.

First let me say I had a child (the other is too old) who would have been a good fit for this school, but there were a lot of questions no one seemed to have an answer for (including transportation).

But when it comes down to it, as nice of an idea as it was with continued growth, limited state funding and a school board elected in large part to keep costs down (and not build or open the previously approved  high school) sending money out of the district to serve 50 kids from the district was going to be a non-starter when it came right down to it.  With more students coming into the district and not that much more additional revenue, there is no way the school board was going approve this.

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