Monday, March 03, 2014

Chicago Sex Offender Registry Issues...

WBEZ has a great story up about the challenges sex offenders face when trying to register in the City Of Chicago.  Go read and/or listen to the whole thing, it verges on Kafka, seriously.

I had a registered offender move in next to me about 5 years ago (he has since moved out), I spoke to the guy a few times, gave the kids a heads up about him and to be blunt I have had worse neighbors.  But the thing is he did keep his registration up to date (I have neighbors who watched that like a hawk).  So we knew he was still in the neighborhood and we knew what the guy looked like (he had to update his picture every so often).

If the goal of registration is to keep people like me, the neighbors, aware that these folks are in my neighborhood, it would seem logical to make the process reasonable. If your goal is to get these guys to violate so they end up back in jail, then stick with what you are doing.

If we are going to require these folks to register, it shouldn't require multiple visits to the police station because they don't have the resources nor the time to process those folks.    Because given my choice, based off of my experience I would rather know.

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