Monday, March 03, 2014

Don't Offer Up A Soundbite That Proves His Point Even If You Are Being snarky

From CapFax who got it from the Daily Herald...
“Probably a third, maybe more, of the Republicans in Springfield have sold out to the government union bosses,” Rauner told the Daily Herald editorial board this month. 
The constant harsh rhetoric means healing wounds in his own party might take more than money, said state Rep. David Harris, an Arlington Heights Republican. “Since he’s criticized virtually every member of the legislature, he would have to donate to every member of the legislature to get back into their good graces, Democrats and Republicans alike,” Harris said.
Really dude, I would like to think you were trying to be snarky, but saying to get in an elected official's good graces Bruce would need to make a donation is totally making Bruce's point for him.  I know that wasn't what he meant, but it is going to make a hell of a commercial.

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