Friday, April 18, 2014

Nine Vote Yes, But Only Five Are At The Meeting...

WBEZ does a great job covering the parliamentary maneuver that  made it look like a house committee voted unanimously to approve funding for the Obama library when 5 members of the committee were at the meeting...

Yes, it might have been allowed under the rules, but when it comes down to it, this whole procedure may illustrate what is wrong with Springfield.  Because outside of the mind of someone who has spent way to much time in the is there anyone who thinks this is how a western democracy should work?  Where you take a vote for one thing and then vote to turn it into a vote for a different thing.  Seriously, what does this accomplish?  Do you think it gives legitimacy to the vote? Do you really think it convinces anyone to agree with the position?

I sincerely wish someone would ask why, not can you, but why in the heck did you?

If you wonder why there is support for term limits in Illinois, it's in part due to stuff like this.

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