Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Is Pat Quinn Being Hypocritical?

Because on the one hand he is giving Rauner a hard time about the Cayman Islands investments. How it is unpatriotic and the like to have investments there. 

On the other hand, we spend money as a state to go to other places (establish trade offices and the like as well) to encourage people and companies in those places to invest in Illinois.

Is a Canadian company being disloyal to The Queen if they put money in a US bank?  Is Mitsubishi being disloyal  to Japan by having a plant in Bloomington?   

Is the state being unpatriotic when a non-us corporation gets state assistance to locate a facility here in Illinois since those funds are to the benefit of a non-us corporation?

I get that it is good politics and good politics and logical thought processes sometimes go together like nachos and dish soap, but come on.  

Calling someone unpatriotic is just one step away from Goodwins Law.

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